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Everyone can enjoy a brilliant smile with expert care at Macquarie Dental. Whether it’s cosmetic dentistry, remedial treatment or long-term care, you’re in safe hands with our professional and affordable treatments.

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Inside each tooth lie nerve and blood vessels called the ‘pulp.’ If a tooth is decayed or damaged, bacteria can enter the tooth and cause infection in the pulp, killing nerves and causing intense pain. Bacteria can also spread into surrounding tissues, causing painful abscesses on your gums. Antibiotics can relieve pain but they do not remove the source of the infection.


If your teeth are weakened or damaged by decay or fillings, crowns add strength and improve the look of your smile. Crowns are permanent ‘caps’ shaped like natural teeth. Usually ceramic for front teeth and porcelain or gold for molars, crowns are custom-made to perfectly fit your tooth. Gold crowns can be gold or silver in appearance.


A dental implant is an artificial tooth root permanently inserted into your jawbone to replace a missing tooth. Usually made of titanium, the artificial root bonds with your jawbone to create a firm base. A realistic porcelain tooth (crown) is then attached to the implant, making it look and feel very similar to your natural teeth.


Among the most popular treatments performed by cosmetic dentists is anti-wrinkle injections. Our Sydney CBD dentists can help you to restore your face to a more youthful, softer and naturally refreshed appearance.


Cosmetic dermal fillers are the ideal way to restore volume to the face, chin, lips, cheeks and jawline enabling you to quickly reverse the visible signs of ageing.


Are you suffering from continual jaw pain, neck pain or headaches? If so you might have temporomandibular (jaw) disorder. Seek Help at Macquarie Dental. We can provide you with proven TMD injections in Sydney CBD to ease your discomfort.

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