Are you suffering from continual jaw pain, neck pain or headaches? If so you might have temporomandibular (jaw) disorder. Seek Help at Macquarie Dental. We can provide you with proven TMD injections in Sydney CBD to ease your discomfort.

What is temporomandibular disorder?

Temporomandibular disorder or TMD is a condition that affects the movement of the jaw. Often caused by teeth grinding (bruxism), an uneven bite or a blow to the face or jaw, it can cause a number of uncomfortable experiences including:

  • A clicking of the jaw
  • Neck ache
  • Headaches
  • Pain around the jaw ear or temple or
  • Jaw locking when opening the mouth

Inevitably, it can also stop you from getting a good night’s rest.

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Temporomandibular Disorder Injections

How do temporomandibular disorder injections here in Sydney CBD help?

When a natural botulinum toxin is injected into the jaw muscles, it reduces or relaxes the muscle function. This in turn decreases many of the TMJ symptoms that can otherwise cause inflammation and discomfort. Symptoms like headaches, searing jaw pain and general jaw discomfort

As well as soothing any TM disorders, temporomandibular disorder injections also allow the jaw to be in a better position for the ligaments to heal, repair and strengthen. This results in all-around better jaw-stability and less discomfort.

Botulinum toxin is predominantly injected into areas of the face where the muscles are small such as the muscles that control frown lines or expression lines. As a result, noticeable differences can be seen pretty much immediately.

The masseter (jaw) muscle on the other hand is large and therefore TMD injections here in Sydney CBD may take between 1-2 weeks to take full effect. Ultimately patients should notice more gradual ease in symptoms.

Who is best placed to perform TMJ injections?

While regular clinicians are well placed to perform TMJ injections so too are dentists. If you think about it, dentists in Sydney CBD no longer just deal with teeth. They prefer to take a holistic approach also taking into account elements of the face, head and neck. As such they have a good understanding of the deep muscle and bone structure of the face and are therefore well-positioned to carry out temporomandibular disorder injections in the Sydney CBD.

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Getting you back on the path to good health – Fast

If you have frequent pain or discomfort in the head, neck and jaw area then don’t suffer in silence. Instead, talk to the team at Macquarie Dental. We can help you to alleviate your discomfort and get you back on the path to good health.

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How are TMD injections in the Sydney CBD administered?

When you visit us for TMD treatment our team ensures your utmost safety and comfort. All doses are administered in small amounts using gentle dental techniques. If you prefer we can also provide you with a topical numbing cream to ensure that the process remains comfortable. Treatments last anywhere between 12-20 weeks so you may find that you will need to return if you start experiencing symptoms of old.

Remember, you don’t have to suffer from TMJ, there are simple non-surgical treatments like temporomandibular injections that can and do make a whole world of difference. Get in touch.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.

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