Dental health is just as important to your health and wellness as taking routine checkups with your physician. The best dental care is one that offers patients quality dental work and affordable price rates. As patients, we need to find ways to reduce our dental costs. Dental clinics should find ways to offer their services with various payment plans and financing options. Finding ways to reduce the cost of dental care will surely improve our lives for the better.


Dentist Prices without Insurance

At present, there are no fixed or standard fees for dental procedures and services in Australia. This means that a dental clinic in Perth may charge 100AUD more than a dental practitioner based in Brisbane. Tooth extraction costs vary from clinic to clinic. One Sydney dental clinic may offer tooth extraction at a higher price than the dental clinic a few blocks away. This can be extremely problematic especially among patients with tight budgets.

Average dental costs for tooth extraction range between 125AUD and 150AUD. Insurance policy holders typically co-pay, which makes it less expensive. But for those who do not have an insurance policy in place, are required to pay for the total cost immediately after a procedure.

Unfortunately there are no Bulk Billing Dentists in Sydney to Provide Savings to Patients as dental treatment is not covered under Medicare.

If you or your children are covered by Medicare and you’ve been trying to find a bulk billing dentist , we highly recommend that you look for a dentist who offers dental plan. In this payment scheme, dental clinics will only bill you for the price set by which can be a saving of 40%.

Not all dental clinics in Sydney offer this type of dental payment plan. It is therefore necessary for you to do your research to look for clinics in Sydney that offer this to patients.
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