Are you in need of teeth alignment but dread the thought of wearing braces or go through dental surgery of any kind? While it would have been impossible decades ago, people now have the opportunity to do just that thanks to the many advances in cosmetic dentistry. How exactly is this so?

While we do not recommend learning how to straighten teeth by yourself; only an orthodontist (dental specialist) should perform any work that concerns teeth alignment. There are modern alternatives that you can look into if you are not too keen on getting traditional braces and the surgical procedure the latter requires. So what exactly are these alternatives?


Invisible and non-surgical options for teeth alignment

Indeed it is possible to align your teeth even without braces or surgery and getting it done depends on how misaligned your teeth are as well as the cause of the problem. A cosmetic dentist can assess these factors and recommend the most suitable option which may include the following:


Fixing crooked teeth with clear braces

Detachable clear aligners that systematically straighten your teeth in much the same way as regular metal braces. While you are technically still wearing braces under this option, clear braces are created and work differently from its’ conventional counterparts. For one thing, there is no surgery involved; your dentist just takes an impression of your dental features to be used in fabricating the aligners.

Most cosmetic dentists highly recommend clear braces as a convenient and more aesthetically pleasant alternative to regular braces and for good reasons. These braces do not affect your appearance as they are made from a transparent material that is hardly noticeable when worn. Also, you can remove your clear braces when eating or brush your teeth which make it less of a hassle to use.

Of course, clear braces are not without its’ drawbacks the most significant of which is cost along with the fact that it requires more dental appointments to complete. The cost of teeth braces comprised of clear aligners is around $6000 to $9000 on average which most people find rather steep. Still, you have to agree that these downsides are relatively minor compared to the advantages that clear braces have to offer.


Straighten teeth fast without braces using by dental contouring and veneers

Another solution that you may want to consider when getting your teeth aligned is the use of so-called dental veneers especially if you are also struggling with chipped or jagged looking teeth.

Simply put, dental contouring involves covering up flaws on the tooth surface and promoting proper alignment. Your cosmetic dentist may recommend porcelain or composite veneers for the same reason as contouring grants your teeth the appearance of getting straightened and improved.

As a more aesthetically pleasant alternative, veneers do come at a cost with an average price tag of at least $800 per tooth (porcelain veneers). Still, most people would agree that it is well worth it as veneers are convenient and painless to obtain while offering results that can last a lifetime.

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