A great smile in less than a year

Quick Straight Teeth™ Six Months Braces

Would You Like Straighter Teeth In Just Six Months at a Fraction of the Cost of Invisalign and Without the Discomfort of Conventional Braces?

If you’ve been thinking of getting your teeth straightened but are concerned about the high cost of Invisalign treatment or suffering years of discomfort from wearing conventional braces, Quick Straight Teeth™ Six Months Braces is just what you may be looking for.

Whether you have overcrowded or widely spaced teeth, Quick Straight Teeth™ Six Month Braces can help you get the confident and beautiful smile you always wanted…in just six months.

You no longer have to bear the inconvenience of visiting your orthodontist repeatedly…it can take up to two years to get teeth straightened with conventional braces, which are quite uncomfortable.

You’ll also pay a fraction of what it costs for Invisalign treatment.

Benefits OF Quick Straight Teeth™ Six Months Braces

Quick Straight Teeth™ Six Month Braces is a fast and simple process for creating a beautiful smile.  Here are just some reasons why it’s an option you should consider if you’re planning to straighten your teeth.

Clear plastic braces and tooth coloured wire, make the braces look almost invisible…even your best friends will find it hard to notice.

  • Uses only mild pressure to align teeth so there’s minimum discomfort
  • Tooth coloured wires give your teeth more of a natural look compared to other similar systems
  • Only 3M brackets are used for cases….renowned worldwide for their quality and aesthetics
  • Mild misalignment can be correct by treating just just 6 to 8 front teeth
  • Requires just under two visits a month for only six months
  • Aligns teeth perfectly for a natural and healthy look
  • Requires no reshaping or adding artificial surfaces to reshape existing teeth unlike with bonding, veneers or crowns…surrounding teeth left untouched
  • Suitable for aligning overcrowded teeth as well as widely spaced teeth…reduces the risk of gum disease, gingivitis, periodontitis and tooth loss if left untreated
  • Removable braces do not rely on one standard aligner but have five highly developed teeth straightening appliances for better precision

Quick Straight Teeth™Six Months Braces vs Invisalign:

Features Invisalign Quick Straight Teeth™

Clarity Clear Tooth Coloured
Maintenance New aligners required
every two weeks
Wires need realignment every 4 weeks
Time Approximately 12 months Approx Six Months
Micro Adjustments Not possible Micro adjustments for a perfect smile
Cost $8500 $6250
If you would like to know more about Quick Straight Teeth™ Six Months Braces, and whether it’s the right option, the friendly professionals at Macquarie Dental are here to answer any questions and put your mind at ease.

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