How Much Does a Six Month Dental Braces Treatment Cost in Sydney?

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Six Month Smiles is a purely cosmetic procedure which focuses on straightening the front teeth in just six to nine months. It utilises specialised clear braces that improve smiles. Upon completion of the Six Month Smile treatment, patients may be required to get retainers immediately after. This is to ensure that the teeth up front will keep their new position over time.

What makes the Six Month Smiles unique?

Rapid results
Braces and Invisalign usually take years before you notice significant results. The main advantage of six month braces is the short time frame in which results can be obtained.

Invisible braces
Six-Month Braces is a teeth straightening procedure that utilises 3M clear, almost invisible, brackets which are barely detectable, even when your mouth is open. Tooth-colored wires are also applied to the bracket, making it one of the more discreet orthodontic appliances around. This is perfect for people who need cosmetic teeth straightening but who don’t want to make it evident.

Cheaper alternative to braces
The Six Month Braces is the perfect orthodontic treatment for those who don’t have bite issues or malocclusion problems. If you simply desire to correct the cosmetic misalignment of your front teeth, this is a more affordable treatment for you!

A simple Six Month Smiles treatment typically costs between $3,000 and $6,000 including retainers which may be used after the six-month period. You will notice significant straightening results after one month of treatment with Six Month Smiles. Also, with affordable prices this orthodontic solution, is an option worth considering!