Six Month Smiles is a purely cosmetic procedure which focuses on straightening the front teeth in just six to nine months. It utilises specialised clear braces that improve smiles. Upon completion of the Six Month Smile treatment, patients may be required to get retainers immediately after. This is to ensure that the teeth up front will keep their new position over time.


What makes the Six Month Smiles unique?

The Six Month Smiles is a teeth-straightening solution that Sydney dentists and orthodontists offer if your sole objective is to improve aesthetics and enhance your smile. Unlike traditional braces that typically take years to complete, the 6 month braces results are more rapid in nature. The changes that you will see one month after installation are visibly noticeable.

Who is Six Month Braces most suited for in Australia?

This short-term orthodontic treatment is perfect for individuals who suffer from various misalignment problems that are not severe and require wearing traditional braces. 6 Month Braces are also suitable for cosmetic dental issues which occur in the front teeth. Here are conditions that may require Six Month Smiles solution:

  • extrusions
  • intrusions
  • tipping
  • spacing
  • overbites
  • overlapping and crowding teeth

These conditions do not include major bite problems which require long-term orthodontic treatment. Six Month Braces offers a short-term permanent solution for those who want to improve their smiles permanently.


How much do Six Month braces cost?

Traditional braces cost up to $9000 whilst 6 Month Braces is priced between $3000 and $6500 only. The exact price will depend on the severity of your problem and the location of the dental clinic where you wish to get the treatment. The long-term cost of 6 Month braces is also cheaper since patients are only required to visit the dental clinic every 4 weeks within a 6 to 9-month period.

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