Are you thinking of getting an Australian Dental Plan and want to know how much it costs? Perhaps you are in need of a particular dental treatment and are not sure if you can afford it. In any case, it is important to seek out proper dental care for gingivitis, tooth decay and other dental problems. Delaying the matter will ultimately make things worse as the problem becomes more challenging and expensive to treat.

So is there such a thing as an affordable dentist in Sydney? Well to find out, you would have to go in for a consultation as dental fees vary from one dental clinic to another. Also, your dentist would have to examine the problem and determine the steps needed to correct it. Still, it would be good to have an idea how much people are charging for certain dental treatments.


Dental clinics in Sydney NSW – How do they charge you?

One thing that people ought to know about the dental care practice is that there are no prescribed fees for such services. The AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) do not regulate pricing among the hundreds of dental clinics in the country. For instance you can arrange a consultation for dental braces and get a price quote that is different from other dental clinics in your area.

Of course, it does not mean that there is no basis for your dental fees. The Australian Dental Association (ADA) do have a price policy in place. However, it is still up to dental care professionals to structure their fees depending on experience, location, overhead costs and other factors. One dentist may approach the problem differently than others and charge a fee accordingly.

Simply put, it is up to dentists to charge reasonable fees depending on the extent of the problem and the quality of dental care that they bring to the table.

To have an idea of how much you can expect to pay for traditional dental services, consider the average fees below:

  • Dental examination and work up – $50 to $60
  • Plaque removal – $120
  • Filling a tooth – $150
  • Tooth removal – $215
  • Traditional metal braces – $4500 to $8000
  • Lingual braces (braces behind teeth) – up to $12,500


Dental Payment Plans Available

Are you convinced that there is no way you can afford a particular dental treatment? Well, that may not necessarily be the case thanks to flexible payment plans and financing options which most reputable dental clinics readily offer. You can spread out payments for your dental treatment over a period of several months to avoid straining your finances.

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