Are you wondering about the cost of Invisalign braces in Sydney (or Australia for that matter) and whether it is the right alternative to traditional metal braces? It is a good question especially when these braces do not exactly come cheap. For you to get a better perspective on the procedure, it would be best to take a good look at what Invisalign braces have to offer.

Why opt for Invisalign?

If you dread the idea of having to wear metal braces for any reason, then most reputable dentists will almost always recommend Invisalign braces and for good reason. Aside from the fact that these braces are “invisible”and don’t look unsightly, Invisalign also has a remarkably high success rate for fixing alignment problems with patients’ teeth. When you compare the result of traditional braces and Invisalign, most patients find that they are about the same. The benefit, of course, is that the process behind Invisalign braces is more convenient and aesthetically more pleasant.

Another great thing about Invisalign braces is that often no extractions are involved which means no downtime. For these reasons, most people would agree that Invisalign braces are the best solution currently available for fixing problems with teeth alignment.

Of course, some might claim that an Invisalign treatment is just too expensive compared to traditional braces (up to $9000) which might very well be the case. However Dr Lutton with his years of experience can very often create beautiful smiles in just 6 months for 30% less than traditional braces. Invisalign braces not only look good but also presents a viable solution for fixing the same dental problems that metal braces can — cross bite, unsightly gaps between teeth, underbite, overbite and more. Hence most people would agree that Invisalign braces are well worth the cost.

Are you looking to get started with some of the most affordable deals for an Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign treatments need not be overly expensive, and all you have to do is talk to the right people. We at “Macquarie Dental” offer some of the best prices for Invisalign Sydney. Call us today on 02 9223 9000 to arrange a free consultation and learn more.