Do you require a tooth filling and are wondering how much does it cost to get a check up at the dentist and undergo the treatment? It is a good question to ask, since most dental procedures rarely come cheap.

Tooth fillings have become a regular part of dental care since they restore a tooth that has suffered from decay or a cavity to its original condition. When performing a filling, the dental expert will eliminate the decayed part of the tooth, clean all around it, then fill the cavity with a material that suits the structure of the tooth – gold, silver or porcelain.

So the question remains – how much does it cost to get a tooth filled? The procedure can cost you anywhere from $145-$395. Based on a fee survey by the Australian Dental Association (ADA), average price ranges from $130 for a small tooth filling up to $283 ( a large tooth filling).


Root canal treatment cost without insurance

If a cavity or decay has reached the innermost part of your tooth, all the way to the nerves, then you will require root canal treatment. The process enables your cosmetic dentist Sydney to save a deceased tooth by extracting the dead pulp and eliminating all decaying matter. The dentist then seals the cavity with tooth filling, so your tooth is as good as new!

How much can you expect to pay for a root canal treatment with no insurance? Unfortunately, the procedure is very complicated and varies from one patient to another. The total cost of a root canal is around $2000 to $3400 including the tooth filling. It is a staggering amount compared to say, how much it costs to get a tooth pulled. Still, most people would agree that it is a small price to pay to save a tooth that they would otherwise lose due to decay and adversely affect their appearance.


Managing the cost of a tooth filling and root canal in Sydney

While most people can afford the cost of a tooth filling, you may feel that a root canal treatment in Sydney is out of your budget. But you would be pleasantly surprised that is not the case.

Most dental experts rarely expect their patients to pay for their services upfront. You can ask about flexible payment plans and financing options that allow you to spread payments over a couple of months. Moreover, you can check with your insurance policy for any coverage that will shoulder at least a portion of the cost.

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