Are you in need of braces to correct your misaligned teeth but are too embarrassed to consider it as an adult? Perhaps you are more concerned about how much it would cost? Braces are not just for kids and braces for adults over 40 or 50 are more common than you think. It’s never too late to improve your smile and own a set of straight and perfectly aligned teeth.

If you are reading this, then you probably never had braces as a child to correct issues such as crowded or crooked teeth as well as problems with your bite. If ignored, these issues can lead to serious complications such as tooth decay, gingivitis and other long-term problems with your dental health.

More than a million Australians above the age 18 wear braces. An orthodontist can help you determine what braces are right for you. If you are concerned about how braces may affect your appearance (as most adults surely are), then “Invisalign braces” are an option you can consider. You may have already seen them in pictures of adult braces before and after; clear aligners that go over the teeth progressively shifting them into the correct position.  

Invisalign cost vs metal braces

How much you can expect to pay for adult braces depends on the kind you are getting. Traditional metal braces cost about $4500 to $8000. Invisalign braces, on the other hand, can cost up to $9000, on the average. While metal braces have long been proven to be an effective solution for fixing problems with teeth alignment, most adults concur that the benefit of inconspicuously completing an orthodontic treatment is well worth the higher cost.  

How much does Invisalign cost for top teeth only?

If your case of misaligned teeth is relatively minor, then you might be able to benefit from Invisalign braces at a much lower cost. Minor treatment limited to the upper or lower arch of the teeth starts at around $4500 which cost about the same as metal braces. Of course, only an Orthodontist can tell you whether you require a minor or full treatment. In some cases, severe problems with bite and teeth alignment may need nothing less than metal braces to yield the best possible results.

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