Most people do not realise it, but we live in a time and age when it is possible to fix just about any tooth problem. No one has to live with an unsightly appearance such as missing, chipped or heavily stained teeth. You have to wonder though — how much does it cost to get best cosmetic dentistry in Sydney CBD? It is a good question as the concern over cost is what often stops people from considering a cosmetic dental treatment.

Dental fees in Australia for cosmetic surgery

So how much does it cost to get your teeth fixed through cosmetic dentistry? Well, that depends on the problems that you are having. There is a broad range of cosmetic dental treatment available in the market designed to fix certain aesthetic problems with your teeth. You may need just one or a combination of such treatment to obtain the desired results.

Some cosmetic dental problems are easier and cheaper to fix than others. The cost to get a tooth filled ($100 to $300) is not nearly as much as say, a set of porcelain veneers which can cost up to $1200 per tooth (yes, that is right — each tooth). To know exactly how much cosmetic dental work is going to cost you, there is no other way than to walk in for a consultation and have the experts examine the problem.

Why is the cost of veneers high in cosmetic dentistry?

You will find that porcelain veneers are one of the most expensive cosmetic dental treatments in the market today. You can expect to spend around $800 to $1200 per tooth which can easily amount to a small fortune. Still, most people who have had to struggle with less than desirable facial appearance would agree that it is well worth the cost.

Porcelain veneers substantially cover an afflicted tooth instantly masking any imperfections in facial appearance. Moreover, porcelain gives the appearance of beautiful white teeth and is impervious to further staining. You do have to be careful with them though, as ceramic veneers are fragile and prone to breakage is if subjected to excessive force.

If you prefer a more durable and less expensive alternative, then you might want to consider getting composite veneers. They do not look quite as natural as porcelain veneers but are many times as durable and cost about $250 to $500 per tooth.

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