Dentists take on the job of keeping your teeth healthy and free from disease which is not as simple as you might think. There are billions of bacteria residing in your mouth. In most cases, your immune system can keep the latter in check, and people have no problem keeping their teeth healthy with good oral hygiene. Still, there are those who suffer from a wide range of periodontal diseases often as a result of one’s lifestyle and or genetic factors, and this is where the services of dental care experts come in.

You would do well to see your dentist at least twice a year as part of dental health practice. If this is something that you were not keen on doing, you are not alone. Perhaps you are concerned about the cost or fearful of the procedure? In most cases, it is because people just do not know enough about what dental care experts have to offer.


What do you need to know about dental care services?

One of the first things that most dental experts want their patients to understand is that there is nothing frightening about what they do which is to help you maintain dental health and well-being.

If you do not take steps to keep your teeth and gums healthy, you might be jeopardising your general health as well. There is a link between oral health and heart, brain and cardiovascular health.

Now fortunately almost all dental health problems are reversible or better yet, prevented if you only take the time to come in to get your teeth checked on a regular basis. Let dental cavities go on unchecked and eventually it may be too late to do anything about it, and you may face far more complicated dental problems like gum disease (gingivitis) and tooth loss.


Cost of tooth extraction and other common dental procedures

Now that you know a thing or two about what dental care providers can do for you, cost may still be a concern. After all, you would want to know whether you can afford whatever dental treatment you have in mind.

One of the most common procedures done by dentist are tooth extractions and the cost depend on the type of teeth that needs to be removed and complexity. A simple tooth extraction without insurance can cost you around $230. A considerably more complicated wisdom tooth extraction on the other hand can cost you about twice as much ($295 to $400).


Average fees for popular dental procedures:

  • Complete oral examination – $60
  • dental fees for fillings – $140 to $138 (one surface)
  • Fluoride treatment – $36
  • Plaque removal – $62


Doubt you can afford to have your teeth professionally treated? Most reputable dentists do not expect you to pay for treatment upfront and you may not even have to.  A bulk billing dentist can take your Medicare benefits as full payment for certain dental services rendered.  If your treatment is not eligible for insurance as is often the case with cosmetic dental treatments, you can opt for flexible payment plans and financing options that would allow you to spread out payment over a set number of months creating less of a dent on your finances.

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