Don’t have dental insurance and need to have a tooth pulled? If so, you are probably concerned about how much the procedure is going to cost you. Not to mention restorative treatments like tooth implants.

Your dentist can recommend a tooth extraction for many reasons. If you have a severe toothache, pulling the affected tooth is the quickest and easiest way to alleviate the pain. A dentist can also suggest an extraction if a tooth has decayed beyond repair (damage has reached underneath the gumline) and in the case of impacted or overcrowded teeth. In any case, you would want to have an idea about tooth extraction dental fees in Australia if only to address any concerns you might have regarding the cost of the procedure.


Dentist prices without insurance for tooth extractions

The question remains – what is the average dental cost to have a tooth pulled? Well, that mostly depend on the type of extraction you require and how difficult or easy it is for your dentist to remove the affected tooth.

You can expect to pay around $120 to $268 for a tooth extraction outside insurance. A simple tooth extraction will cost you about $167 on average while pulling bone impacted tooth can cost more than twice that at up to $500 per tooth.

Of course, the figures mentioned above are merely ballpark figures. To get an exact quote and to learn exactly how much it will cost to get your tooth pulled, you will need to arrange a consultation with a dental care provider to assess your needs fully.


What about dentist prices for fillings?

f lucky, your dentist will not need to pull the tooth and instead recommend cleaning and good old fashioned tooth fillings. The good news is that the latter tend to cost less and allows you to save a diseased tooth provided that you act quickly enough.

The cost of tooth fillings will depend on the number and position of the teeth to be treated. A single surface filling (anterior and posterior tooth) cost about $140 to $148. Posterior teeth of up to 4 surfaces can cost around $250 to $388.
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