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Are you wondering how much is a dental implant going to cost for replacing all of your missing teeth? If you have lost most of your pearly whites for some reason, then you might think that it is going to cost you a small fortune. After all, a dental implant costs around $5000 to $6500 for each tooth. Compound that by the number of teeth you are missing, and most people would think that the cost is simply beyond their reach. Luckily, that is no longer the case thanks to “All-on-4” dental implants.


Price Comparison for All on 4 dental implants

Replacing a full set of teeth is going to require some investment, but there is comfort in knowing that it does not cost as much as you think. At the very least, getting a complete set of healthy-looking teeth need not be difficult, even for people who’ve lost most (if not all) of their teeth.


So how much does it cost to replace teeth with all-on-four dental implants? At around $20,000 to $30,000 for the entire procedure, it is not going to be inexpensive and additional treatments may be necessary successfully restore one’s dental appearance. Still, most people who have had to struggle with severe tooth loss would agree that the cost is well worth it.


Insurance and financing for all-on-four dental implants

As you have seen, all-on-four dental implants can easily cost you a small fortune, but the good news is that if you have dental insurance, you might be able to qualify for coverage and obtain the implants with minimal out of pocket expenses. Severe tooth loss is not just an aesthetic problem but can also prove detrimental to one’s long-term health and confidence. Also, there are financing options and flexible payment plans that you can fall back on and can help manage the cost by spreading it over a set period.


So how much does it cost for new teeth and how does the procedure work? Why not arrange a consultation with an expert on the matter? Call “Macquarie Dental” today on            02 9223 9000!


Are you in need of braces to correct your misaligned teeth but are too embarrassed to consider it as an adult? Perhaps you are more concerned about how much it would cost? Braces are not just for kids and braces for adults over 40 or 50 are more common than you think. It’s never too late to improve your smile and own a set of straight and perfectly aligned teeth.


If you are reading this, then you probably never had braces as a child to correct issues such as crowded or crooked teeth as well as problems with your bite. If ignored, these issues can lead to serious complications such as tooth decay, gingivitis and other long-term problems with your dental health.


More than a million Australians above the age 18 wear braces. An orthodontist can help you determine what braces are right for you. If you are concerned about how braces may affect your appearance (as most adults surely are), then “Invisalign braces” are an option you can consider. You may have already seen them in pictures of adult braces before and after; clear aligners that go over the teeth progressively shifting them into the correct position.


Invisalign cost vs metal braces

How much you can expect to pay for adult braces depends on the kind you are getting. Traditional metal braces cost about $4500 to $8000. Invisalign braces, on the other hand, can cost up to $9000, on the average. While metal braces have long been proven to be an effective solution for fixing problems with teeth alignment, most adults concur that the benefit of inconspicuously completing an orthodontic treatment is well worth the higher cost.


How much does Invisalign cost for top teeth only?

If your case of misaligned teeth is relatively minor, then you might be able to benefit from Invisalign braces at a much lower cost. Minor treatment limited to the upper or lower arch of the teeth starts at around $4500 which cost about the same as metal braces. Of course, only an Orthodontist can tell you whether you require a minor or full treatment. In some cases, severe problems with bite and teeth alignment may need nothing less than metal braces to yield the best possible results.


Would you like to learn more? Why not arrange a consultation with some of the finest orthodontic experts in Australia? Phone “Macquarie Dental” today on 02 9223 9000!


Tooth implants are often required to replace missing teeth but how much will it cost you?     It’s one of the first questions you are asking yourself when deciding on getting dental implants.

In this post, we will take a good look at the cost of tooth implants in Australia and the options to make the treatment more affordable.


A review of the price of dental implants

How much can you expect to pay for dental implants? Before we quote some figures, it is important to understand how dental implants work and what the procedure entails. Only then can you appreciate and more accurately weigh the cost of teeth implants.

As you may already know, dental implants are a permanent dental fixture meant to replace missing teeth in both appearance and function. You can imagine how much of an effect these implants had on the oral care industry when it first became available. Before then, there were no options to permanently replace  missing or broken teeth.


What does dental implant surgery entail?

A dental implant operation revolves around surgically setting up a piece of titanium rod deep into the jawbone directly where the missing teeth were located. The bar acts as an anchor for the artificial tooth to be installed in the future after the gums and jawbone heal adequately.

Perhaps the greatest thing about dental implants is that it imitates the look and feel of real teeth. They appear so natural that patients are unable to tell which of their teeth are artificial. Oral experts go to great lengths to make dental implants appear as natural as possible. You can chew and bite as you normally would with the rest of your natural teeth and do not need to stress over losing them due to cavities. This is because dental implants do not decay and last a lifetime.

While there are more economical and less invasive options to dental implants, practically any renowned dental expert would tell you that absolutely nothing comes close when completely replacing  lost teeth.


So how much can you expect to spend for dental implants?

Simply put, the cost depends on the number of missing teeth in question. A single tooth implant can set you back about $5000 to $6500 depending on the complexity of the procedure. If you have lost most of your teeth, then you can consider, “all on four” dental implants that can give you a full set of teeth with just four implants.

The cost of all on four dental implants is significant (around $20,000 to $30,000). While this seems expensive, most people who have suffered from significant tooth loss would agree that it is a worthwhile investment. If you have insurance for a dental implant, then you might qualify for coverage and benefit from the procedure with no out of pocket expense.


Learn more about dental implants and how much it will cost you exactly by arranging a consultation with the experts. Phone “Macquarie Dental” today on 02 9223 9000!


For people who have misaligned teeth, it can get very tough to make a decision concerning braces.  Despite the fact that you need a gorgeous smile, many do not wish to wear metal braces for any length of time.  If that sounds a lot like you, then you might want to consider getting so-called fast braces and six-month smiles dental treatment. Thanks to the latter, you can fix your smile much quicker. How is this so?


6-month braces before and after results and its’ advantages


Better dental appearance

Unlike metal braces that dental experts create from silver and wires mounts, the six-month smiles procedure uses wires and attachments which are the same colour as your teeth.  As you can hardly see them, you need not worry about how it might affect your appearance. While metal braces are a proven effective solution for misaligned teeth, it is not exactly pleasant to wear for years at a time.


Shorter treatment period than metal braces

Of course, not all people that opt for the 6-month smiles treatment are solely concerned about aesthetics. Many are also worried about the time required to complete the alignment process.  You will find that many reviews about 6-month smiles commend the shorter amount of time necessary to complete the treatment.


You might be wondering – if the treatment as mentioned above can be carried out in six months, why can’t conventional metallic braces do the job in the same time?  The main reason is that these procedures have different goals.   Sure, they both straighten misaligned teeth, but 6-month smile only covers the front part of the teeth which is also the most noticeable. It is not likely to correct a bite issue and other functional problems. Still, it is a good alternative for people who are more concerned about how their teeth look due to misalignment and less about function.


The cost of 6-month smiles in Australia

Another advantage to the program is that it costs less than regular metal braces. On average, the cost of 6 month smiles treatment is around $3000 to $4500 depending on the extent of the problem and where you choose to undergo the treatment. Metal braces, on the other hand, can cost as much as $9,000 and takes around 18 months to 3 years to complete the treatment.


Looking to get started? Perhaps you have a few questions about the 6-month smiles treatment? Our dental experts here at “Macquarie Dental would be happy to help! Call us today on 02 9223 9000!


Are you contemplating the use of Invisalign clear braces as an alternative to traditional metal braces?  Invisalign is a kind of orthodontic treatment which helps to straighten teeth without the use of metal wires or brackets.  Invisalign braces offer another choice besides unsightly metal braces which are often a source of social ridicule and loss of self-confidence.


So what are invisible braces made of and how much do they cost? Is it worth any amount of money that you are looking to spend on the procedure? In this post, we aim to address these questions.


A review on clear braces

So what makes Invisalign different from other types of braces? Well, Invisalign entails wearing custom-made clear plastic aligners which help move your teeth to the appropriate position.  If you require teeth alignment but dread having to wear metal braces, then these clear braces are worth considering.


Are clear braces more expensive than regular ones?

So how much can you expect to pay for Invisalign braces?  Are they worth it or are you better off going the conventional route? The average cost of Invisalign braces is usually a little higher than regular braces. Your dentist or orthodontist may provide you with a much better estimate of the purchase price.  The aspects that come into play would be the degree of the alignment that your teeth need and how many aligners you need during the therapy.


The cost of getting clear braces fluctuates widely but is typically around $2,500 to $6,000.  You can end up paying more or significantly less depending on your specific needs, all of which you will need to discuss with your dentist. Most dental insurance plans cover Invisalign as they do with metal braces. Consult with the insurance provider first to ascertain the amount of their policy.


The average cost of Invisalign braces is not so much higher than traditional ones but the benefits that clear braces provide such as having the ability to remove braces whenever you eat and brush your teeth outweigh the small difference in cost.  If price is the major issue for you, speak with your dentist about payment plans.  Most dental clinics can provide you with flexible monthly payment plans to manage better the cost of getting clear braces.


Clear braces versus metal braces

It was not until the early 2000s that Invisalign braces became available as a form of orthodontic treatment. Hence clear braces do not have the same background as an Invisalign treatment, and you would do well to understand what makes one better than the other.


Braces include metal brackets that a dentist attached to their patient’s teeth and tied together with metallic wires and rubber bands. These days, you can get braces that match the natural colour of your teeth which makes them less noticeable. Some people wear metal braces with colourful bands as a form of fashion statement.


Invisalign, on the other hand, was made to be undetectable.  Aligner trays made from smooth, comfy, BPA-free clear plastic are worn over the teeth to gently and gently shift your teeth into the proper position.  Your dental care provider will utilise X-rays, pictures, and impressions to make a precise 3-D  model your teeth and also to configure your aligner trays accordingly.


A patient can go through as many as 15 sets of clear aligners when undergoing an Invisalign treatment which means more dental appointments. The duration of the treatment can also take significantly longer than traditional metal braces. Still, most people would agree that it is an excellent and viable alternative to regular braces which many often find unsightly and requires dental surgery.


Would you like to learn more? Why not arrange a consultation with some of the finest Invisalign experts in the country? Call “Macquarie Dental” today on 02 9223 9000.


Are you looking for a less expensive alternative to so-called invisible braces (Invisalign) which doesn’t take as long? If so, then you may want to consider a procedure called six months smiles in Sydney. So what is it exactly and how does it compare to Invisalign braces? These are valid questions and are well worth investigating.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a cheaper alternative considering how much braces cost for adults and teenagers. However, it is important to know what you are getting and what to expect out of it.


Six-month smiles before and after – is it for you?

As the name implies, Six Month Smiles require wearing transparent brace intended to straighten your front teeth in about six months.  It accomplishes fast results since dentists primarily administer them to fix cosmetic issues and straighten front teeth.


While for some it may look like the ideal solution, it is essential to understand that there’s a trade-off for orthodontic therapy that only takes around six months. More traditional orthodontic solutions straighten every one of your teeth and improve bite in about 12 to 18 months.


Six-month smiles vs. Invisalign

It is important to understand that the  Six Month Smiles treatment is not faster because it realigns your teeth quicker; it is faster because it just straightens the front of your teeth. This is why it  is significantly more affordable than Invisalign.


The fact that the procedure only straightens the front teeth means that it does not improve bite at all. In some cases, patients find that their bite is worse after the therapy. By comparison, Invisalign not only straightens the teeth but also improves proper function and overall dental health.


Still, if yours is a relatively minor case and you are more concerned about aesthetics, 6-month smiles might just be the ideal alternative. The important thing is that patients are aware of the constraints so that the results match the expectations.


Looking to arrange a consultation with some of the finest dental experts in the country for a 6-month smiles treatment? You can expect no less out of “Macquarie Dental”. Call us today on 02 9223 9000 to get started!


Are your teeth in need of realignment and are you looking for an expert on Invisalign in Australia for help? Do you need an orthodontist for the job or is it something that a general dentist can do as well? These are valid questions, especially when the latter tend to charge much less for the said treatment.


Invisalign before and after – what to expect?

As you may already know, “Invisalign” refers to a type of clear invisible braces that offers a more subtle and aesthetically pleasant alternative to regular metal braces. An orthodontist takes an impression of your teeth and uses the information to fabricate a set of transparent aligners that gradually moves your teeth into proper alignment.


You simply wear the aligners over your teeth and have the option to remove them during meals and while brushing or flossing. Moreover, the clear braces are practically invisible, and your peers will not even know you are wearing them. There is also no surgery involved, and Invisalign has proven to be just as effective as traditional braces.


Invisalign payment plan

Of course, Invisalign braces are not without their share of downsides. For one thing, Invisalign is more expensive although you can say the same thing about any cosmetic dental treatment out there. The cost of Invisalign in Australia can range between $6,000 to $9,000 which is a significant amount, to say the least.  Still, most people would agree that the advantages of getting Invisalign braces more than justifies the higher cost.


Do you think there is no way you can afford to get Invisalign braces? Well, that may not necessarily be the case, and you can ask about financing and applicable payment plans. Most Orthodontists do not expect their patients to pay the full cost of the procedure up front. You can spread out payment for the treatment over a set number of months to make it more manageable and enjoy a more convenient and attractive alternative to metal braces.

Would you like to learn more? Perhaps you would like to arrange a consultation for Invisalign treatment with some of the most reputable Orthodontists in Australia. You can expect no less out of “Macquarie Dental”! Call us today on 02 9223 9000 to arrange a consultation.


Laser root canal treatment easily ranks at the top of the most feared dental procedures in Australia and for a good reason. It is easy to see how taking a drilling contraption to extract a diseased pulp out of one’s tooth can strike fear in the hearts of most patients. Many even jokingly say that they might as well have received a death sentence by electric chair when told they have to undergo a root canal treatment. If this sounds a lot like you, then you would be happy to know that there there is a painless and non-surgical alternative in the form of laser root canal treatment. How is this so?


General guide to laser root canal

Indeed a conventional approach to root canal treatment almost always involves a degree of pain which can be traumatic for many patients. Fortunately, recent advances in the dental care industry have made the process easier and painless through laser technology.


As the’ name implies, laser root canal treatment involves using a beam of amplified light to eliminate infected pulp and nerve endings inside a tooth.  Unlike conventional root canal, the laser treatment can penetrate into the deepest recesses of the affected tooth. The process also takes up less time to complete and is not accompanied by terrible drilling noises which only adds to the anxiety. Moreover, patients experience less bleeding and significantly lower risk of infection which means a quicker recovery process.


How much does a laser root canal cost in Australia?

The cost of laser root canal treatment without insurance depends on the complexity of the problem, and which of your teeth is in need of therapy. In most cases, molars will require more extensive treatment and tend to cost more. On average, a root canal treatment will set you back around $2000 to $3400. The latter includes the cost of assessment, post crown/core filling and the laser root canal procedure itself.

Would you like to learn more? Our experts here at “Macquarie Dental” would be happy to help! Call us today on 02 9223 9000 to arrange a consultation.


Dr Neil Lutton is our principal dentist at Macquarie Dental and has more than 15 years of experience. He is one of the most experienced and reputable dentists near Waterloo and Port Macquarie, and we love him for his distinct Irish sense of humour.


Look no more for some of the best dental clinics in Macquarie

Unlike many of his peers, Dr Lutton strives to make excellent dental care accessible and within reach of everyone. He has been instrumental in shaping our rates to become as competitive as possible along with dental membership schemes that offer patients exclusive discounts and freebies as they come in for regular appointments to keep their teeth healthy.


Qualifications as principal dentist for Macquarie Street Dental

Even before becoming a leading figure in Macquarie Dentist University, Dr Lutton always had the passion for cosmetic dentistry and Orthodontics. Today, he works on relentlessly shaping smiles and possesses some of the highest qualifications in the dental care industry. He is one of the few dentists in Australia with a certification for “Invisalign” (invisible braces).


Originally from Ireland, Dr Lutton completed dental school in England (2002) and spent his vocational studies in Northumberland. Eventually, he moved to London where he developed an interest in cosmetic dentistry and honed his skill in doing smile makeovers. In 2008, he obtained his postgraduate certificate in Orthodontics from the University of Warwick.


In 2009, Dr Lutton moved to Australia with his family and had been providing Aussies with quality dental care ever since. If you check the reviews about his dental services online, you will find that most of his patients (if not all) describe his work as no less than outstanding and compassionate. He takes pride in carefully explaining procedures to patients and laying out all available options (not just the expensive ones) ultimately charging a decent price for his excellent dental work. What more could you ask from a dentist?

Are you looking to meet Dr Neil Lutton for any dental problems you might be having? Call “Macquarie Dental” today on 02 9223 9000 to arrange a consultation.


Are you looking to make a price comparison for dental implants? These dental appliances are excellent as a replacement for missing teeth, but they do come at a cost. Hence it is only natural for people to wonder how much it costs and whether they can afford it. If you are reading this, then you are probably wondering about the same thing.


A look at tooth implant cost

Tooth implants can bring back a complete set of teeth and your beautiful smile. However it is important to weigh the cost if only to avoid financial difficulties in the future.


The cost depends on how many teeth require replacement. For a tooth, you can expect to pay around $5000 to $6500 depending on how simple or complex the treatment is. Needless to say, it is expensive especially without insurance to cover at least a part of the tooth implant cost. Still, it is worthwhile replacing a lost tooth which is often a source of embarrassment and frustration.


Cost of dental implants for replacing multiple teeth

How about those who have lost many of their teeth if not all of them? In that case, full restoration is what’s required nowadays called “all-on-4” dental implants. This process can give you a full set of pearly whites regardless of how many teeth you have lost.


Of course, the prospect of replacing most of your teeth requires a higher level of investment. The cost of all on four dental implants can set you back at least $20,000 on average. A small fortune to say the least although if you have had to struggle with significant tooth loss at any point in your life, then you can probably concur that it is well worth it.

Are you ready to get started on tooth implants with some of the finest dental experts in Australia? You can expect no less out of “Macquarie Dental”! Call us today on 02 9223 9000.


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